Modern Sandeepni School

Modern Sandeepni School Pathankot Punjab Records 100% Results in CBSE Grade Xth and XII Exams

In the recently declared Grade Xth and XII results of CBSE, Modern Sandeepni School has recorded 100% pass rate and added another feather to its prestigious record.

School Chairman Er. Pawan Mahajan and Director Mr. Salil Mahajan have congratulated The Principal of School Mr. Sandeep Kumar Marhatta, Vice- Principal Mr. Ranjeet Singh, all the teachers, Students and Parents for commendable results.

Pride of Sandeepni Commerce Students

In Commerce Stream Akshaj Ohri scored 95.6% and obtained first position, Uttkarsh Prakash scored 95.2% and obtained second position, Amritpal Singh and Sayam Sood scored 94.6% and obtained third position jointly.

Akshaj, Amritpal and Uttkarsh scored 95 each in Accountancy, Akshaj scored 97 in Business Studies. Amandeep, Amritpal, Harmanjeet Kaur and Uttkarsh scored 95 each in Economics. .

Pride of Sandeepni Non-Medical Students

In Non-Medical Stream Akanksha Kaushal, Harneet Kaur and Tanish Thakur obtained first position jointly by scoring 95.6%. Mohit Sharma and Vishal Sharma obtained second position jointly by scoring 94.8%. Karandeep Kaur obtained third position by scoring 87%.

Akanksha, Tanish, Harneet, Vishal, Chaitanya and Priyanshi scored 95 each in Physics.

Pride of Sandeepni Medical Students

In Medical Stream Chaitanya and Kritika obtained first position jointly by scoring 95.6%. Priyanshi Thakur obtained second position by scoring 86.8%. Ananya Katoch obtained third position by scoring 82.8%.

Chaitanya, Priyanshi, Akanksha, Tanish, Vishal, Mohit, Kritika and Harneet scored 95 each in Chemistry. Chaitanya scored 95 in Biology. Kritika scored 100, Devansh 99 and Tanish 98 in Painting. Harneet, Akanksha and Chaitanya scored 98 each in Physical Education.

Pride of Sandeepni 10th class Students

Athrav scored 99%, Nandini also scored 99% and obtained first position jointly, Harshdeep scored 98.2% and obtained second position, Kanan scored 97.4% and obtained third position.

Pride of Sandeepni 10th class Students

Sandeepnites Vinayak scored 96.2%, Mayank scored 95.4%, Arpit scored 93.8%, Samriti scored 93%, Digvijay scored 92.6%, Arundeep Scored 91.8%, Anant scored 91.8%, Ayush scored 91.8%.

Sandeepnites Athrav, Kanan, Nandini scored 99 each in English, Nandini scored 100 in Science, Athrav and Harshdeep scored 100 each in Maths. Athrav, Kanan, Nandini and Harshdeep scored 99 each in Social Science. Athrav scored 99 in Hindi. Athrav scored 99 in Punjabi.

Congratulating the Students on their astonishing performance Principal Mr. Neeraj Mohan Puri remarked heartfelt admiration to the children who worked hard in lockdown and crises of COVID-19 and wished all best for their bright future. It is appreciable effort of teachers also who worked tirelessly for the growth of students.

The Chairman, Er. Pawan Mahajan said, I convey my blessings to the students for their future endeavours. We are delighted by the efforts of students; they have made the state and institution proud by their performance.