Best Boarding and Residential School in Punjab

Modern Sandeepni School in Pathankot Punjab is most prestigious and famous Senior Secondary affiliated to CBSE and ISO 9001-2000 certified, English medium, co-educational & residential-cum- non-residential institution, established in April 1997 in Pathankot, Punjab. There are 7 fully air-conditioned hostels. Their names kept after the names of Indian Noble Prize Winners: Mother Teresa for girls from (Nursery-XII), R. Tagore boys (Nur-V), C.V. Raman boys (VI-VIII), H. Khorana boys (IX), S. Chandrashekar boys (X), V. Ramakrishnan boys (XI) and A. Sen boys (XII).

Boarding school plays a significant role in nourishing the personality of the students. Despite the admirable quality of its educational, infrastructural and residential facilities, it is one of the most affordable boarding schools in the Pathankot, Punjab

Parents send their children to boarding schools for various reasons, one of which is to become independent and learn to make their own decisions. Students at Modern Sandeepni School are provided round the clock pastoral care, which refers to practices of a school to effectively meet the personal, social and academic needs of the students. Learning to adjust is one of the most important qualities that will always help a person in life and living in a boarding school is a great way to cultivate it. Situations in life are not always favourable and it is imperative that one has the ability to face them with a resilient spirit. Apart from an evolutionary education, Modern Sandeepni School offers diverse extracurricular activities. There is a large collection of activities for students including different forms of music, dance and singing. The art and craft activities include many styles of painting and sculpting to pave way for the artistic talent.

We place a high priority on school food policy because we recognize its power as Nutritious school food helps students develop lifelong healthy eating habits. A balanced diet impacts the development of the body and brain of the child. Consuming a balanced diet daily will make a student's body as well as mind healthier. A physically and mentally fit student will tend to attend the classes regularly and rarely be absent. Taking carbohydrates, fats, proteins, as well as various other minerals in the diet, can cure any disease that one is suffering from. The students are rarely absent from the class and they'll be more attentive thereby maintaining a healthy environment in the class. We provide highly nutritious diet to our students and teachers.

The management organizes regular trips and excursions that are not only educational, but also appeal to the travel lovers. Students form and manage various clubs and houses. This boosts their interests and extends them the added freedom to pursue a career in the field of their interest. Students enjoying the celebrations and birthday parties in evening. The extracurricular activities help students to explore a wider arena of life and provide them with numerous choices that they can take up in the future, as hobbies or as livelihood. These further bring out their hidden talents and provide a means to improve them. Success comes only to those who work for it with passion. Our Sandeepnites become strong willed, confident and diligent citizens who strive to be achievers and make their surrounding a better place to live in.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Marhatta


Modern Sandeepni School