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Sandeepni NewsDiwali vacations will be from Oct 19th-Oct 30th. School reopens on Oct 31st. Sandeepni NewsCollage making on wild life on Oct 5th. Sandeepni NewsMTE results would be declared as follows: Oct 5th Nur-I; Oct 7th II-V; Oct 9th VI-VIII; Oct 10th IX-XII Sandeepni NewsDussehra celebration on Oct 8th. Sandeepni NewsAdmissions Open for Pre-Nur to XII.

  • Boarding School
  • Boarding School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Sandeepnites witnessed Lok Sabha
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • boarding school
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
  • Modern Sandeepni School
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To develop academic excellence, discipline, character building and national integration.

Sandeepni Image Gallery

To promote sports and co-curricular activities. Which help your student to be active .

To create and augment education and technical. Accordingly your Child Interest. Which help to grow.

Sandeepni Image Gallery

In order to meet the growing needs of providing quality education at reasonable cost to services children, a miniature.

  • Sandeepni topper Nishi XII-Com 90%
  • Sandeepni topper Tanish X- 94%
  • Sandeepni topper Harneet X- 93%
  • Sandeepni topper Vishal X- 93%
  • Sandeepni topper Mohit X- 92%
  • Sandeepni topper Shruti X- 96%
  • Sandeepni topper Aakarshan XII- 92%
  • Sandeepni topper Kiran XII-85%
  • Sandeepni topper Aryan Ratna X-10 CGPA
  • Sandeepni topper Keshav X-10 CGPA
  • Sandeepni topper Srishti X-10 CGPA
  • Sandeepni topper Niket Kumar XII- 95%
  • Sandeepni topper Sehaj XII- 95%

Welcome Join us!

Sandeepni topper

MR. Pawan Mahajan (Chairman)

The motto of the school is "Higher Stronger Brighter".

Modern Sandeepni is the top 100% resulting residential boarding School, affiliated to CBSE and ISO 9001-2000 certified, English medium, co-educational & residential and non residential institution. School was given the name Sandeepni after the name of the teacher of Lord Krishna and Sudama. So, in Modern Sandeepni School education is not a privilege for the rich only. best boarding school pathankot.

About Us

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Modern Sandeepni School is committed to provide quality education through innovative pedagogy. Philosophy of the school is to have knowledgeable and enlightened children. Modern Sandeepni School is best boarding and day boarding School in Pathankot, Punjab(India), affectionately known as '”SANDEEPNI” .It is a small and friendly school but we see ourselves as a large extended family.

School is having 4 wings namely Play way group, Junior School, Middle School & Senior School.

Play way group constitutes Pre-nursery to UKG. Children of 2+ are eligible for enrolment.Kindergarten wing is fully air conditioned. Designer walls and artistic furniture adds to aesthetic beauty and make it livelier. Unique Curriculum-cum-activity based pedagogy is an outstanding feature. Well stocked air-conditioned Activity Room makes learning a fun. Digital Smart class enriches learning experience of a child.

Later Junior School extends from I-V. We offer an outstanding day and boarding preparatory education to children of mixed ability. Middle school has children from VI-X. Senior School is meant for XI & XII.

School is divided among 4 houses after the names of eminent and veteran GURU’s: Vashishtha, Varaspati, Vishwamitter and Drona.There are 7 in-house hostels. Their names are thoughtfully kept after the names of Indian Noble Prize laureates: Mother Teresa for girls from (Nursery-XII), R. Tagore boys (Nur-V), C.V.Raman boys (VI-VIII), H.Khorana boys (IX), S.Chandershekar boys (X), V. Ramakrishnan boys (XI) and A. Sen boys (XII).

Best Practices

Auditions of Junior Smart Kids held on Oct 5th.

Celebrated Wild life week on Oct 2nd.

Students visited SERICULTURE on Oct 1st.

Team Sandeepni secured 4th position in World Robotics Championship held at Gurugram.

Teachers' Day Celebrated on Sep. 5th.
Teachers Day

Tree Plantation Drive.
Tree plantation Drive

Experiential Learning- XI grade Commerce students visited Hotel Grand to take tips on Hospitality and Catering.

MISSION TANDRUST BHARAT- Friendly cricket match of Sandeepni School vs Amandeep Hospital, Aug 11th.
Experiential Learning

Sandeepnites witnessed live Lok Sabha Session Aug 2nd.
Lok Sabha

Delhi Tour Aug 2nd.
old age home

Sandeepnites visited old age home July 27th.
old age home

IIT (Roorkee) Workshop on “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security”held on 17-18th May.

Sandeepnite SAVIE OHRI graduated B.Com LLB with Gold Medal.
Sandeepnite SAVIE

Electoral Literacy Club established by Dist Nodal Officer on May 15th.
Electoral Literacy Club

Mother's Day celebrations help on may 11th.
Electoral Literacy Club

Freshers Party organised on April 30th.
Freshers Party

Annual Academic Prize Distribution Ceremony Held on April 27th.
Academic Prize

Industrial Visit to Amar Cement industries April 24th.

Commerce students Visited Share Trading Centre April 24th.
Share Trading

Earth Day Celebrations April 22nd.
Earth Day

STEM Nomination for Excellence & Innovation In Robotics Education.
STEM Nomination

Election Awareness Campaign April 15th.
Election Awareness

Baisakhi Celebrations April 13th,2019.
Baisakhi Celebrations

Sandeepni School Bagged Excellence in Education Award 2019,April 12th.
Excellence in Education

Navratri Celebrations April 11th,2019.
 Navratri Celebrations

Holi Celebrations with Hostlers Mar 21st.
Holi Celebrations

Alumni Meet @ Cricket Match held on Mar 17th.
Alumni Meet

Mission Healthy India-Cricket Match of Sandeepni vs Amandeep Hospital on Mar 10th.
Best Boarding school

Graduation Day for UKG celebrated on Mar 9th.
Best Boarding school

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